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Leo B Nathan


“Green Steps” is our methodology towards Building Better, it directs the entire decision making process of building and landscaping with simple checks and steps. For example a small rotation to your home’s orientation can increase heat efficiency and can decrease fuel bills by as much as 30%. Our steps, work toward incorporating smart easy-to-use eco technology that need not cost a fortune. 

We build homes not houses. It has always been our wish to create environments that give back to the homeowner to reflect our innate human values and desires in the smallest of details.  Higher Energy Ratings mean lower bills, and so not only do you, the home owner benefit, everyone around you benefits too, including nature. All in all less waste, less consumption, local commissions and heritage brands are our commitment to the community you live in.


Different sites demand different solutions, and although budgets do have their say this will never dissuade us from being creative. There is a standard of living we deserve, a way of life that is our birthright, and we can design and create homes using technologies both seen and unseen that build upon this standard.


Nathan & Taylor is a residential property development company that collaborates with a community of independent property people creating bespoke schemes, on sites in and around England and further a field.


To S E L L  U S  land, contact Leo B Nathan on his contact details below, or find out about our next project by contacting Pamela A Meyers. We're also on Instagram messenger @nathanandtaylor_ 

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Pamela A Meyers