Front of Home
Front of Home

Living Room in sunshine
Living Room in sunshine

Neutral carpeting
Neutral carpeting

Front of Home
Front of Home


No. 28B 


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First Floor

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Let the light all in. Light, light, light, It was decided from the moment we planned to build these homes that light, air and space would dictate the scheme for Swallowdale. 


28B is situated on the rise and the first home you spot as you make your entrance onto the Close. With a large forecourt for off-street parking or entertaining and set storage for waste and utility, the front garden is full of space and functionality. The low boundary wall can be built upon in the future to increase security and privacy although the neighbouring area is safe and quiet.


There are two entrances to the property one to the rear garden and the other the front door. To maximise both afternoon and morning sunlight practically every wall has a door or window and typically dark staircases and corners are brought back to light with roof glazing.

There is something elementary and innocent about the Swallowdale design, it's almost childlike in it's simplicity, and honest in it's purpose. Both 28A and 28B are the sort of houses you see scribbled on a fridge door. To some the architecture feels Danish in quality, true to its form, function and materiality. We've utilised all available space by building into the loft and included much needed storage.


Bedrooms have floor to ceiling windows and secure metal railings to combine the indoor and outdoor space. In the event you wish to re-decorate and add a personal touch, the overall colour palette is neutral and a perfect canvas for change. 


Semi-detached 3 bedroom




March 2016

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Ground Floor